Hello parents..  I hope you and your family are well and safe during this challenging time. We will all get through this and come out stronger in so many ways because of it!

I wanted to give you an update on lessons going forward until this virus slows down.  I have had a number of conversations with parents who are nurses as well as a few parents who are in law enforcement.   As a result of these conversations I feel I can continue to provide a safe environment at the facility and stay within the law. A few important changes have been implemented.  First, the facility will now have a maximum capacity of 6 players/parents at a time for which there is now a sign on the front door.  So there will be plenty of room for spacial distance. Secondly, I will be keeping the 6 foot recommended distance and will not be participating in picking up the balls.  Lastly, I'll continue to video and break down video.  I'll just share and translate what I see so we can avoid standing side by side.  I'd recommend players to continue to wear their batting gloves and I'll be continuously washing my hands throughout each night. I have had conversations with many of you who were thankful that I was still giving lessons as it's the one time during that day that they get out of the house.  We can do this!

For those that are uncomfortable with the lessons, I'm starting to put together a platform for virtual lessons. This will include the following:

Each player will send me 1-2 videos of tee work and/or soft toss.  They will do a self analysis on that video to learn how to start breaking down their swing and I'll give my feedback as well.

The student and I will also engage in conversations regarding 2020 goals, strength and weaknesses and processes to work on the weaknesses, the mental side of game, and well as weekly Softball IQ questions.  All of which we do with our student-athletes at American River College!

We can definitely utilize this time to self evaluate, as well as understand the game at a higher level!  Your daughters will be back on the field soon!  If they stay committed to training, working out, etc. they will come back stronger than ever!

Currently, it sounds like most would like to continue with lessons.  However, please let me know at your earliest convenience on what direction you'd like to go by sending me a simple text.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your daughter's.  They all have a special place in my heart!