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Breaking Down

The main purpose of this fundamental is to keep the ball in front with no runners on base. As the ball approaches, the outfielder

squares her body with the ball. She starts to get in to a fielding position by lowering her throwing knee to the ground. Her throwing foot extends to the side to create a wider base to block the ball if necessary. The glove starts to reach out towards the ball. The chin is down and eyes are on the ball.

Fielding Position

As the ball is just outside the glove and the throwing hand knee touching the ground with the leg positioned correctly, she extends her glove out towards the ball with the palm facing

the ball. The throwing hand is positioned above the ball. The body remains square with the chin down and eyes on the ball


As the ball is enters the glove, the glove is extended out beyond the knee. The throwing hand covers the ball directly on top to keep it secure. The knee remains touching the ground with the leg positioned correctly. The chin is to the chest following the ball in to the glove.

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