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College Recruiting Advocacy

Services and pricing are predicated on the results of a thorough assessment of the student athlete.  The assessment is comprised of the following phases.  


Phase I – Academic Assessment

This phase is specifically an academic evaluation of the student athlete.  For athletes already in high school, the meeting is comprehensive and focuses on academics and any community service achievements to date. This will enable us to provide guidance on whether they are fulfilling NCAA course requirements for Division I or II eligibility, as well as a measure of their scholastic aptitude for college coursework.  For high school bound athletes, this phase will largely consist of analyzing and projecting academic performance to ensure conformance with NCAA eligibility.


Phase II – Athletic Analysis

This phase consists of the in-depth review of any game film, skills video, and live-viewing (if-possible) of the athlete.  This phase also consists of an in-person or skype-based interview with the player and parents to discuss expectations and final disclosure of critical information (medical history, impediments to learning etc.)


Phase III - Debrief

After review of academics, athletics, and interview notes, a written evaluation is presented to the client containing an initial determination as to the level where we believe the prospective student athlete would likely be able to play.


Phase IV – Agreement for Services

During this phase all aspects of our consulting services with respect to college advocacy are discussed in full detail.  Some of the information that will be provided includes things such as:

- Recommendations for colleges that will be a top recruit candidate

- NCAA Recruiting Calendar and Contact Rules

- Transcripts, Testing

- Tutoring (if necessary)

- Skills Video recommendations

- Communicating with College Coaches and Staff

- Official and Unofficial Visits

- Which College Camps and Skills Clinics to attend

- Skills Development Training (if needed)

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