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do or die/Crow hop

Approaching The Ball

The outfielder gets in to a position to sprint

to the ground ball which is in a direct line to the throwing target. As the glove foot

touches the ground inside the ball, the glove reaches outside and in front of the glove foot towards the ball. The glove arm is flexed and the palm is facing towards the ball. The head is out over the glove knee and the chin is down on the ball.

Crow Hop

When the outfielder's left foot touches down, she immediately pushes out towards the target as hard and as far as she can. The hips stay square to the target as the top half rotates so the elbow and shoulder point to the target. The ball starts the separation from the glove. The eyes are on the target.

Sprinting Through The Ball

As the outfielder fields the ball, she continues sprinting through the ball. Fielding the ball off her left foot, she then takes two steps, right then left. The left foot is positioned pointing directly to the target. The hips and

shoulders are square to the target. The ball begins to be transitioned to the throwing hand. The eyes are on the target.

Plant And Throwing Position

When the outfielder plants from the crow hop, her back foot is positoned so that the hip and shoulder are aligned with the target. The back leg continues to drive towards the target.

The glove elbow starts to drive down towards the front hip. The glove is now pointed towards the target. The ball and arm are extended back to allow for a long and

powerful throw. The fingers are on top of the ball with the thumb underneath so the throw can be over the top and towards the target.

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