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For a right handed pitcher, she sets up by kneeling on her right knee which is close to a 90 degree to the target. The left leg is slightly flexed and extended towards the target with the glove.

The hips are in a closed position. The pitching arm is slightly flexed and starts out over the body. 

Starting Position

Wrist Snap

The pitcher continues her pitching arm in a circular path and close to her hip as she snaps her wrist. At the time of the snap the arm is slightly flexed. The hips start to open as she snaps the ball towards the target. 

The Finish

The pitcher finishes by snapping the ball towards the target. The pitching arm flexes back and towards the pitching shoulder. The body finishes in a balanced position.

The pitcher starts her motion by driving her pitching arm down in a circular path.  The pitching arm remains as the upper body moves forward slightly to get momentum in to the pitch. The hips remain in a closed position.

Drive Down

Follow Through

The pitcher follows through with the pitch as the pitching arm extends toward the target. The body remains balanced with the back straight and over the back knee.

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