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Practice 1

Focus: Understanding the Game, Agility, Catching, Throwing, Base Running, Fielding/Footwork


Practice 2

Focus: Understanding the Game, Agility, Pitching/Catching, Catching, Throwing, Fielding/Footwork, Base Running


Practice 3

Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Throwing, Catching, Hitting


Practice 4

Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Throwing,

Base Running, Hitting


Practice 5

Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Throwing, Catching, Infield Dailies, Fielding/Footwork,

Base Running, Hitting


Practice 6

Focus: Competition Day! Agility, Pitching/Catching, Throwing, Catching, 

Infield Dailies, Hitting


Practice 7

Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Infield Dailies, Throwing, Catching, Fielding/Footwork, Hitting


Practice 8

Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Infield Dailies, Hitting, Catching, Throwing, Fly's,

Fielding Circuit, Base Running


Practice 9

Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Catching, Throwing, Fielding/Footwork, Infield/Outfield, Situations, Hitting


Practice 10

 Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Throwing, Catching, Fly's, Fielding/Footwork, Infield/Outfield, Hitting


Practice 11

Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Throwing, Catching, Infield Dailies, Hitting, Team Defense Infield/Outfield


Practice 12

Focus: Agility, Pitching, Catching, Throwing, Catching, Hitting, Front Toss Live

Practice 13

Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Throwing, Team Scrimmage


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