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PRACTICE 12  Focus: Agility, Pitching, Catching, Throwing, Catching, Hitting, Front Toss Live


Agility Warm Up  (10 Min)


  • With a glove, player shuffles left and when in front of the ball, breaks down into the proper fielding position and then shuffles to the ball opposite and repeats
  • Encourage staying athletic
  • Do this 3 times to each side
  • With a glove, player starts at bottom right cone and sprints forward to the cone ahead, back pedals to bottom left cone and approaches the ladder and ball breaking down into a proper fielding position
  • Stationary feeds to a player with no glove
  • Have player get into a proper fielding position and roll balls directly to them so their feet can stay stationary
  • Focus is on getting the player into the proper fielding position and reaching out for the ball with their glove hand palm facing the ball and throwing hand over the glove hand
  • Roll 3 to each and rotate

Catching/Throwing  (10 Min)


Hitting  (20 Min)


  • Tee
  • Soft Toss
    • Coach kneels to the side and slightly in front of batter
    • Coach slowly tosses the ball to batters strike zone
    • Batter swings through with focus points above
  • Front Toss
    • Coach pitches from 12-15 feet away
    • Keep focus on proper mechanics
    • Make necessary adjustments

Front Toss Live (50 Min)

  • Front Toss
    • Have the coach pitch from 12-15 feet away with a catcher
    • Put players in to appropriate defensive positions
    • Have 2-3 players hitting together and rotate after each get 2-3 at bats
    • Each at bat is live with the batter running
    • You can start each batter with a 1-1 count to speed things up
    • The coach can vary how many outs there are to change defensive options
    • Encourage the defense to communicate where the plays are
    • The coach should help with defensive positioning based on each situation
    • When runners are on base they should work on their lead offs

Pitching (20 Min)



  • Setup/Positioning
    • Feet are shoulder width apart
    • Knees fully bent
    • Back is straight
    • Glove arm is at 90 degree with glove opened towards pitcher
    • Throwing hand is behind back
  • Framing/Receiving
    • Glove arm stays flexed and out in front
    • For an inside pitch, upon catching the ball the catchers thumb is up
    • For an outside pitch, upon catching the ball the catchers thumb is down
    • For a high pitch, upon catching the ball the catchers palm is down
    • For a low pitch, the catcher receives the ball finger tips up
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