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PRACTICE 7   Focus: Agility, Pitching/Catching, Infield Dailies, Catching, Throwing, Fielding/Footwork, Hitting


Agility Warm Up  (10 Min)

  • Player starts at bottom left cone with glove and sprints forward

  • Once past the top cone, the player back pedals in the opposite direction

  • Player continues until through all cones

  • Player start at bottom right cone with their glove and shuffles feet athletically until outside bottom right cone

  • Player sprints forward until past top right cone and shuffles left until outside top left cone

  • Player then back pedals to bottom left cone

  • Stationary feeds to a player with no glove

  • Have player get into a proper fielding position and roll balls directly to them so their feet can stay stationary

  • Focus is on getting the player into the proper fielding position and reaching out for the ball with their glove hand palm facing the ball and throwing hand over the glove hand

  • Roll 3 to each and rotate

Catching/Throwing (10 Min)

Infield Dailies (10 Min)
  • Dailies are performed by two players that are 5-7 feet apart
  • If the players are having difficult feeding to each other and it's not efficient, have the coaches step in

Fielding/Footwork (10 Min)


  • Players line up in a single file line facing a coach
  • The coach rolls the player a ball directly to them
  • The player fields the ball moving forward with proper mechanics
  • After fielding, the player quickly pops to a throwing motion
  • Player then jogs the ball to the bucket in front of her and gets in the next line
  • Players rotate through each line and repeat

Hitting  (50 Min)

  • Tee
    • The player sets up in an athletic stance
    • Feet positioned straight or slightly inward with weight on the inside
    • Feet are positioned just outside the shoulders with equal weight on each
    • Have the player just get to contact for 5-7 reps 
      • At this point, the back foot and belly button should be pointed to the contact point​
      • The back arm should be close to a 90 degree angle
    • Next, have the player get through contact and to extension for 5-7 reps 
      • Have the player focus on making contact with the inside of the ball which forces the knob to the ball
      • At extension, the back shoulder should be underneath the chin which is down ​ 
      • At extension, the barrel of the bat should be facing the pitcher
    • Move the tee to the middle contact point and have the player take a full swing
    • Make necessary adjustments to a player’s swing
  • Soft Toss
    • Coach kneels to the side and slightly in front of batter
    • Coach slowly tosses the ball to batters strike zone
    • Batter swings through with focus points above
  • Short Front Toss
    • Coach pitches from 8-10 feet away sitting on a bucket
    • Keep focus on proper mechanics
    • Make necessary adjustments
  • Introduce Sacrifice Bunts
    • Have the coach introduce the proper fundaments of a sacrifice bunt
    • The player sets up in an athletic stance with feet opened up towards pitcher
    • The bat starts at the top of the strike zone
    • The bat stays as close to eye level as possible using the legs
    • All pitches above the bat, the bat is pulled back
    • All pitches in the strike zone, the legs get the bat to the ball
    • The players arms are flexed and upon contact a small push can be made to the ball
    • Bat is slightly angled for placement down 3rd and 1st

Pitching (20 Min)


  • Wrist snaps restraining pitching arm shoulders stay isolated
  • L Drill
    • Glove pointed to target
    • Body is open with glove shoulder facing target
    • Pitching arm is straight up with ball
    • Feet are positioned at a 45 degree angle towards target
    • Back heel starts raised
    • Player takes a small step with the front foot
    • Then the back leg drives towards the target
    • Back knee finished close to front knee
    • Glove arm and pitching arm drive down together
    • Wrist snap to target
  • Knee Arm Circle (Right Handed Pitcher)
    • Right knee is on the ground at a 90 degree angle to the target
    • Left leg is extended to the target
    • Glove and front shoulder are facing target
    • Pitching arm is elevated above and out over the body
    • Player starts by driving the pitching arm down in a circular path
    • The ball is snapped toward the target by the hip
  • Full Motion


  • Setup/Positioning
    • Feet are shoulder width apart
    • Knees fully bent
    • Back is straight
    • Glove arm is at 90 degree with glove opened towards pitcher
    • Throwing hand is behind back
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