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PRACTICE 6          Focus: Competition Day! Catching, Throwing, Footwork, Hitting


Agility Warm Up  (10 Min)

  • Player starts in the middle facing the coach with feet moving in place

  • The coach points to a cone and the player sprints and touches the cones and returns to the middle with feet still moving

  • The cones can be picked randomly and in no particular order

  • Do this for 5-6 touches

  • Player shuffles laterally right and left around the outside of the cone with glove tucked

Catching Competition  (15 Min)


  • Warm up by tossing balls to players in various locations
  • After a good warm up, toss each player from a comfortable distance 10 balls
  • Award a player 1 point for a ball that touches their glove and 2 points for a catch
  • Reward players with a prize (i.e. a small piece of candy)

Agility Competition  (10 Min)


  • Player starts at front left cone with their glove and shuffles laterally to the right in an athletic position
  • Once past the front right cone, the player sprints forward until past the cone ahead
  • Once past, the player shuffles to the left
  • When the player reaches the front of the ladder, they move forward with quick feet stepping one foot in each
  • When player exits the ladder they use the proper footwork to enter the second ladder breaking down into a fielding position and extending the glove to the ball

Hitting Competition  (30 Min)


  • Tee
    • Athletic stance with no stride approach
    • Feet positioned straight or slightly inward with weight on the inside
    • Feet are positioned just outside the shoulders with equal weight on each
    • Position the tee and the middle contact point and have the player take a full swing
    • Focus on staying athletic through to extension with chin staying down
    • Have the player take a full swing finishing high at the shoulder
    • Move the tee to inside and outside contact points
    • Make necessary adjustments to a player’s swing
  • After a good warm up…
  • Set up a series of cones in front of home plate 10-15 feet out
  • Players setup at home plate
  • Have the players take 10 swings off of the tee
  • Award a point for every ball that clears the cones on the fly

Throwing  (15 Min)

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