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ALL STAR PRACTICE 10   Focus: Agility, Catching/Throwing, Infield Dailies, Base Running, Hitting, Team Scrimmage 


Agility Warm Up  (10 Min)


  • With a glove, player shuffles left and when in front of the ball, breaks down into the proper fielding position and then shuffles to the ball opposite and repeats
  • Encourage staying athletic
  • Do this 3 times to each side
  • With a glove, player starts at bottom right cone and sprints forward to the cone ahead, back pedals to bottom left cone and approaches the ladder and ball breaking down into a proper fielding position

Pitchers/Catchers Warm Up (20 Min)

Catching/Throwing (10 Min)


Infield Dailies (10 Min)

Base Running  (20 Min)


  • Running with proper mechanics
    • Running on the balls of the feet
    • Elbows in, arms pumping
    • Head up looking at the base ahead
  • Running through the first base bag, touching the front of the bag and breaking down
  • Rounding first base touching the inside of the bag
  • Focus on taking proper angles when rounding
  • Base Running with a modified defense
    • Three players field the outfield positions, two coaches/parents field the middle infield positions, a coach is a base coach at 3rd base, and the rest of the players are base runners
    • The base runners will start at 1st base and 2nd base
    • As soon as the players work on their leads a coach hits balls to the defense in various locations with varying outs so the players can read and react properly
    • Rotate base runners to 2nd base and 3rd base and repeat 
    • To add more base running situations, you can have the base runners run "independently", meaning even if there are multiple runners that are on the base, they are running as if they are the only runner on base
    • Have the players rotate from the outfield defense and base running
    • The 3rd base coach should be communicating as if it were a live game and provide continuous instruction and feedback for good base running as well as correctly potential mistakes

Hitting  (25 Min)


  • Tee
    • Athletic stance with no stride approach
    • Feet positioned straight or slightly inward with weight on the inside
    • Feet are positioned just outside the shoulders with equal weight on each
    • Have the player just get to contact and through to extension starting slow then progressively getting faster maintaining proper form
    • Focus on staying athletic through to extension with chin staying down
    • Have the player take a full swing finishing high at the shoulder
    • Position the tee to the middle contact point and have the player take a full swing
  • Soft Toss
    • Coach kneels to the side and slightly in front of batter
    • Coach slowly tosses the ball to batters strike zone
    • Batter swings through with focus points above
  • Front Toss
    • Coach pitches from 12-15 feet away
    • Keep focus on proper mechanics
    • Make necessary adjustments

Team Scrimmage Player Pitching(60 Min)


  • Live scrimmage with the player pitching
  • Allow the player to pitch a maximum of 4 balls to each batter to keep things moving
  • Teams are split up in to groups of 2-3
  • They rotate to hit 2 times, then rotate to defense
  • Every swing is live with the batter running
  • Have the batters stay on the base if they are safe to work on base running as well as having different defensive situations
  • Players are in appropriate defensive positions
  • Coaches are on the field helping communicate where the play is
  • Coaches can walk around asking players if they get the ball where is the play, what are they going to do with the ball
  • Encourage communication on the field
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