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PRACTICE 12   Focus: Agility, Fielding/Footwork, Catching/Throwing/Fly's, Infield/Outfield, Front Toss Live


Agility Warm Up  (10 Min)


  • One foot in each moving forward

  • Two feet in each moving forward
  • Two feet in each moving laterally
  • Player starts at front left cone with their glove and shuffles laterally to the right in an athletic position
  • Once past the front right cone, the player sprints forward until past the cone ahead
  • Once past, the player shuffles to the left
  • When the player reaches the front of the ladder, they move forward with quick feet stepping one foot in each
  • When player exits the ladder they use the proper footwork to enter the second ladder breaking down into a fielding position and extending the glove to the ball

Catching/Throwing (10 Min)

  • Knee wrist snaps with glove
  • Throwing from the knees
  • Regular throws starting close and slowly move back.
  • Add a competition for fun having the players attempt to throw into a bucket from 10-12 feet
  • The focus is on elevating the ball with a proper release point and wrist snap
  • Catching and moving through the ball
    • Player sets up in an athletic position​
    • The player steps forward with her glove foot as she receives the ball fingertips up and throwing hand to the side
    • The player continues working through the catch by carrying her momentum forward as she crosses over with her throwing hand foot
    • The players momentum continues through the ball as she plants her throwing hand foot
    • Her glove foot strides toward the target finishing in a throwing position

Hitting  (25 Min)


  • Tee
    • Athletic stance with no stride approach
    • Feet positioned straight or slightly inward with weight on the inside
    • Feet are positioned just outside the shoulders with equal weight on each
    • Have the player just get to contact and through to extension starting slow then progressively getting faster maintaining proper form
    • Focus on staying athletic through to extension with chin staying down
    • Have the player take a full swing finishing high at the shoulder
    • Position the tee to the middle contact point and have the player take a full swing
  • Soft Toss
    • Coach kneels to the side and slightly in front of batter
    • Coach slowly tosses the ball to batters strike zone
    • Batter swings through with focus points above
  • Front Toss
    • Coach pitches from 12-15 feet away
    • Keep focus on proper mechanics
    • Make necessary adjustments

Fielding Circuit (15 Min)


  • Circuit 2 (7 Min)
    • Equal players are positioned at short stop, and 2nd
    • The player at short stop fields a ball from a coach at home and throws to 1st, then rotates to 2nd
    • The player at 2nd fields a ball from a coach at home and throws to 3rd, then rotates to short stop

Front Toss Live (60 Min)

  • Front Toss
    • Have the coach pitch from 12-15 feet away with a catcher
    • Put players in to appropriate defensive positions
    • Have 2-3 players hitting together and rotate after each get 2-3 at bats
    • Each at bat is live with the batter running
    • You can start each batter with a 1-1 count to speed things up
    • The coach can vary how many outs there are to change defensive options
    • Encourage the defense to communicate where the plays are
    • The coach should help with defensive positioning based on each situation
    • When runners are on base they should work on their lead offs

Pitching (20 Min)



  • Setup/Positioning
    • Feet are shoulder width apart
    • Knees fully bent
    • Back is straight
    • Glove arm is at 90 degree with glove opened towards pitcher
    • Throwing hand is behind back
  • Framing/Receiving
    • Glove arm stays flexed and out in front
    • For an inside pitch, upon catching the ball the catchers thumb is up
    • For an outside pitch, upon catching the ball the catchers thumb is down
    • For a high pitch, upon catching the ball the catchers palm is down
    • For a low pitch, the catcher receives the ball finger tips up
  • Blocking
    • Feet are kicked out behind catcher
    • Body/Chest is over the ball
    • Shoulders are square to the plate
    • Glove is positioned on the ground between legs
    • Throwing hand is placed behind the glove to protect it
    • Chin is to the chest
    • Goal is to have the ball hit the chest and drop straight down towards the plate
  • Throwing
    • Upon catching the ball, the catcher pops up staying in an athletic position
    • Feet touch down on the balls simultaneously
    • Glove shoulder is facing target
    • Glove is pulled towards ear and ball is transferred to throwing hand
    • The ball is separated from the glove in back of throwing shoulder

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